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Aviation Resources


Flight Training scholarships can make a significant difference in promoting diversity and inclusivity within the aviation industry. By addressing the financial barriers to flight training, Breaking Down Barriers is opening up doors for individuals who otherwise wouldn't have the means to access such opportunities. 

Our scholarship process is a unique one. Breaking Down Barriers does not accept scholarship applications from the general public; instead, we identify scholarship candidates from the communities we actively engage with. Our goal is to bring aviation to communities and individuals that don't have access to aviation. Through community engagement, Breaking Down Barriers will ask high achieving individuals to apply for the Breaking Down Barriers Flight Training Scholarship.

Individuals who have shown dedication to academic or personal accomplishments and face financial constraints in accessing flight training, now have the chance to obtain the necessary financial assistance to pursue a career in aviation.

Outreach & Awareness

Promoting aviation outreach and raising awareness play a vital role in motivating young individuals to explore aviation careers. Breaking Down Barriers is dedicated to bridging the knowledge gap present in various U.S. communities by introducing aviation into schools and communities throughout Dallas, Texas.

Outreach programs can showcase the range of jobs aviation has to offer. Outreach efforts can provide opportunities for underrepresented groups to explore careers in aviation, promoting a more inclusive workforce. Exposure to aviation can inspire young people to dream big and aspire to accomplish great things. It can be a gateway to pursuing higher education and training, setting ambitious goals, and working hard to achieve them.

Breaking Down Barriers is eager to participate in community and educational events. Contact us to request an educational visit from Breaking Down Barriers. 

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